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Memorandum of Association

  1. The Name of the Association is the Presidency College Old Student’s Association.
  2. The Objects of the Association shall be
    1. To provide a Club and other additional organization by means of which the old students of the college may keep in touch with the college and with one another.
    2. To provide opportunities for the old students to take part in athletic and social activities of the college.
    3. To assist the management of the college by the award for prizes or scholarships or to render such other financial assistance to forward the interest of the college as may be decided by the Association from time to time.
    4. To further such other objects as the Association may decide.

Rules and Regulations

  1. All past students of the College shall be eligible to become member of the Association
  2. There shall be four classes of members
    1. Patron members who pay an entrance subscription of Rs.10,000 /- who having been life members by paying an entrance subscription Rs. 1000 have paid another like sum.
    2. Life members who pay an entrance subscription of Rs.1000.
    3. Ordinary members who pay an annual subscription of Rs.100. However, an ordinary member who has paid his annual subscription for ten years shall become a life member without further payment
    4. Honorary members as provided in Rule 4.
  3. Past and present members of the College staff who are not old student’s of the college shall be eligible to become honorary patron member or honorary life members. Ordinary members of the association on payment of the prescribed subscription. Honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges of the association except that of voting at the annual general meeting.
  4. The association in any year shall consist of
    1. All patron and life members and honorary patron and life members.
    2. The ordinary members and honorary members.
  5. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of a President, three Vice-Presidents two Secretaries one of whom shall be a member of the College Staff, a Treasurer and one other member.
  6. The Principal of the College shall be the ex-officio Treasurer of the Association.
  7. The President and the Vice-President shall be patron members and at least two other members of the committee shall be elected from among the persons and life members of the association.
  8. The members of the Executive Committee, shall be elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association which shall be held during the term of the academic year of the College. Interim vacancies on the Executive Committee may be filled by the Executive Committee.
  9. Executive Committee shall have power to incur from the general funds of the Association all the expenditure necessary for carrying out the objective of the Association and the Honorary Treasurer shall have the power to sanction the expenditure upto Rs.100 in any month without the previous sanction of the committee, but not to exceed Rs.500 for the year.
  10. In addition to the annual General Meeting of the Association prescribed in Rule 9 extra ordinary General Meetings may be called on the written requisition of not less than ten members of the Association.
  11. The quorum for a meeting of the Association shall be fifteen and for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be four.
  12. The funds of the Association shall be invested in such a bank or banks or in such authorized securities as Executive Committee thinks fit.
  13. There shall be annual audit of the accounts of the Association by the auditor appointed by the Executive Committee. No member of the Executive Committee shall be appointed as an auditor.
  14. The Executive Committee shall have the power to frame laws which are not inconsistent with these rules. All the by-laws framed by the Executive Committee shall be placed before the next Annual General Meeting for approval.
  15. The official year of the Association shall end in December.
  16. At the Annual General Meeting prescribed in Rule the Honorary Secretary small present the report on the activities of the Association during the year and the Honorary Treasurer present the financial and audit reports.

General Secretary
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Associate Professor of Economics
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