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Aims and Functions

The aim of the Presidency College students Union is to impart training to the students of the college in organization, leadership, and public speaking. Meetings to be addressed by distinguished persons and debates to encourage students’ participation shall be arranged under the auspices of the Union.


All the students on rolls of the college shall be the members of the Union. They shall be entitled to take part in debates and in election of the office-bearers of the Union and to enjoy all the facilities which the Union may provide from time to time. Members of the staff may take part in the meetings and debates under the auspices of the union but shall not be entitled to vote in the elections of the office bearers of the Union.

Patron and Office-bearers

The Principal shall be the Patron of the College Union and the student office-bearers shall be:

Vice President
2 Secretaries,
one of whom shall be a lady student.

Election of Office bearers of the College Union

The Office-bearers of the Union shall be elected by all the members of the Union through the system of direct election. Students contesting the election to the College Union should be on the rolls of the college. Students who are not on the rolls of the college shall not be permitted to file their nominations or vote in the election to the college union.

Instruction to Contesting Candidates

  1. The Nomination for any office should be in the prescribed form which can be had from the Professor-in-charge of Union on payment of 1 INR.
  2. The Candidates should take note that the acceptance of their nominations should be signed only in the presence of the Professor-in-Charge of the Union at the time of submitting the nomination form. Nominations forms should be handed over to the Professor-in-charge of the Union in person by the candidates and they can get the acknowldegement form the Professor concerned.
  3. Candidates are permitted to distribute cards of specified description at the time of canvassing. Canvassing in any other form is strictly prohibited.
  4. Candidates have to observe strictly the following conditions in printing and distributing their elections cards.
    • Cards should not be more than that of the prescribed size viz. 7.5cm x 5cm.
    • Cards should contain the following particulars only. Name of the Candidate, Class and Main, Office for which he / she is contesting.
    • Cards should be plain and printing of designs on the cards is strictly prohibited.
    • Cards should not be distributed before the official announcement of the final list of nominations. The sample cards should be submitted to the Professor-in-charge of the College Union for approval.
    • Violation of the above conditions may lead to disqualification.
    • The decision of the Principal shall be final in all matters pertaining to the college union election.

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