About Us

Welcome to Presidency Chennai, the only place which keeps your up-to-date with the new horse racing seasons with the opportunity to bet on your favourite horses. Presidency Chennai is an online host for players from around the world to get notified for the horse racing events in the Madras Race Course while finding the best accommodations to stay while they are in Chennai.

Presidency Chennai is associated with the best resorts in Chennai with casino facilities where guests can enjoy their vacation taking part in their favourite casino games as well as live horse racing events. The resorts are equipped with live broadcasting channels directly from the race tracks and tote machines to place the bets directly to the whole.

The resorts provide luxury accommodation with hospitable staff to take care of our guests. Free WiFi connection, spa treatment, continental cuisines, swimming pools, and casinos are some of the luxuries of our resorts.

Keep track of the latest news about the upcoming races, performances of the horses, and direct interviews of the jockeys to make the best bets on the main events. Monitor the entire race live while relaxing in one of our luxury resorts and get the money transactions directly from the resort for all your wins.

Presidency Chennai also provides information about Indian Premier League, the biggest cricket league in the world. Manage information about all the players playing in the league, the amount of money spent on players, and the performance of the players throughout the tournament. Get only the fastest information on the upcoming matches and player statistics every day.

Presidency Chennai is registered with the government and authorize only the legal sports betting system. All the bets made by tote machines are legalized under the regulations of the Royal Western Turf Club.

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