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Casinos in India have always been sporadically occurring entities. The industry did at a point hit the top gear to generate fans who travel long distances to have a taste of luxurious luck. Gambling has had a different face over the years of the country’s existence, with local card games to betting on outcomes of dice. Rummy has been the most widely accepted casino game in India, which is not played with as much style and elegance as the games in Las Vegas. Moulding the country’s gambling industry into the shape of Sin City would always remain a far-fetched to almost an impossibly wild dream. Despite the restrictions on gambling all over the country, the industry has grown over the years to float on the offshore regions and many other parts of the country. Chennai houses a significant number of casinos to be the SinCity of South India. Here is a list of the top casino resorts in Chennai.


1.     VGP Golden Beach Resort

Luxury has been defined here in the landscapes of Injambakkam to traverse a whole area in beauty. The sea abuts the resort to adorn the entire setting with wavy delights. Cottages, garden view rooms, and garden verandah rooms are available here, with the prices of each of them increasing as luxury takes a higher step. Huge lanes with greenery surrounding it lead every guest to the casino games where they can try out their luck with games such as Baccarat, blackjack, and Teen Patti. Impeccable service is the highlight that attracts most of the tourists visiting Chennai to book a room here. The lush casino floors with delectable dinner and drinks to side it makes the resort a must-visit for every gambling enthusiast in Chennai.

2.     MGM Eastwoods, Injambakkam

The name of the resort alone can bring hundreds of visitors running to the halls to indulge in their favorite casino game. MGM is a renowned brand name that planted their idea of a casino resort in India in the southern state of the country. Deluxe rooms are available here with two options of either just the accommodation or one with breakfast. The restaurant service, swimming pool, free parking, and the lawn are the major attractions in MGM other than the casino games.

3.     Windflower Resorts

France of South India calls you to try out your luck in the casino games of various origins. Tamil Nadu houses the French strokes of Pondicherry with diverse gambling options in the Windflower Resorts. Apart from the awe-inspiring casino floors within those walls, Windflower is also home to a spa, luxurious rooms, halo pools, and great restaurants. All who wish to play a game of blackjack followed by a delicious dinner and a goodnight sleep can opt for Windflower. You can also practice yoga along with the massages and treatments at the spa. Diversify your casino gaming skills here with a taste of various cuisines and international seafood dishes.

The gaming industry in India is set to reach new height with modern technology taking the industry by storm. Today, the number of game development companies in India is said to be 275. We are about to see a rise in the years to come. In the early 90s, India was exposed to a lot of gaming, especially the gaming consoles, which became a craze back then. Later installing games on desktop allowed for one to go for Xboxes and other Playstation games. The country has witnessed a change in recent years where smartphones have become the trend, and it is said that up to 60% of the country’s population has access to smartphones. The numbers are still increasing, and with Indian having the largest Youth Population and the second largest internet population, it is one of the leading markets in the gaming sectors.

The current state of the gaming industry

With the introduction of a lot of games like Clash of clans PUBG, etc., the young crowd has started to extract hours into the interface. These in-app purchases are finally gaining a lot of financial viability, and with India’s mobile games market, you will be worth $1.1 billion by 2020. Big companies like Alibaba and AGTech have started to see profits in their investment. There has been a rise in the surge of action based games. Casual games have also taken the boom, but the strategy based games is slow at its growth.

The Future of the Gaming Industry

With the help of cloud gaming, one can enjoy the massive market and opportunity the place has to provide. There are many giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, who are already reaching their hand out to share the business. They are offering some of the best offers when it comes to building snd catching the right games which can fancy an Indian Youth. Gaming still is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the money, especially for Google. With the need to improvement rises the competition between the gaming companies is going to toughen and Artificial Intelligence being the future, the gaming company will also be affected. With a constant need for upgrades and bring in a better gaming experience, one of the main aid that they provide is high-quality games which can be found in the lower budget.


In Conclusion

There is still a struggle that one can see when it comes to an understanding the right elements of the in-app purchases and it is crucial for the companies to ensure that they bring out their products while making sure that Indian audience accepts it. With this steady growth and acceptance from the audience, the future of gaming in India seems to thrive.

Every year more than a dozen T20 franchise leagues are being played and there are growing numbers of leagues. This is to make sure that they have brand equity the IPL enjoys. Over the last few years, we have seen that IPL has only grown bigger and more competitive. The IPL stands above the other leagues which due to sheer fan following can lead to a lot of other leagues to enjoy the effects all over the world. With the 13th edition of IPL arriving soon, there have been a lot of speculations about the team who will be winning and also other players who are going to create an impact. There are already some predictions about the company who is going to be winning in the IPL 2020.

Who will Win?

First, even before starting to you need to make sure that you have the right betting site which will allow you to bet while providing their very own predictions and detailed explanation of the game. The outcome of the match is totally up to the game and the player and the strategies they pull out. The individual player and the performance as a team is one of the best things to check out over the course of 60 games.

Predicting the outright winner is always one of the most interesting parts but finding them without having any prior knowledge about the game is tricky. But for the most part, the audience is looking to teams like Mumbai Indians, Sunrises Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings, etc. to be declared the winner for the year 2020.

Chennai Super Kings

No matter the reason you are mentioning IPL games, Chennai Super Kings is going to top the charts with their fabulous performance and strategy skills. They have been champions in 2010, 2011 and 2018 and are runner up for 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2019. They have never finished below the top three and are dominating the stages they are in.

Delhi Capitals

It has been a drastic year for the Delhi Daredevils to Delhi Capital which might have worked from the worker’s side. They have been some of the teams who are consistent with their mediocre performance. They are yet to win the title, and with their performance this year they are sure to bring their A-game hoping for gaining the top spot in the season.

Mumbai Indians

Last years winners were surely set to win this year as well, they are also some of the most successful team in the tournament’s history. Recently they have managed their time and started to bring about the right changes in their team, which can be one of the main reason they might be the champions to hold the trophy this year as well.

The Madras Race Club holds the title of being the birthplace of horse racing in India. Located in the South Indian Metropolis of the Chennai can be dated back to the 1770s. The Race Course is located in the Guindy area of Chennai City, which is close to a small national park. The Racecourse connected the Madras Race Club to the rest of the city. The Madras Race Club is one of the most well-equipped turf clubs. It has some of the most exclusive facilities which is available for its 1000 strong members. This also includes Guindy Club House, a gymnasium, health club, card room, venues for racquet sports and pool rooms. There are many swimming pools, bund schools, walkers and lunging rings. There is a magnificent grandstand which offers some of the most excellent views of the race tracks. The Traditional Racecourse in the Guindy area of Chennai City operates a second racecourse in the hill station of Ooty. It was nested high in the Nilgiri Hills of the Western ghats more than 500kms from Chennai. Madras Club Races are conducted in summer and can have a very cooling and soothing climate.

The details

The track surface at the Guindy has a green turf and also a sand turf. They are primarily used to make sure that there is a space to train and work their horses. The tracks are around 2355 m long and covers and areas which is 30-35 meters in width. The Ooty race track is much more smaller, which is only one mile smaller and 10-18m in width.

The legality of Betting at the Madras Race Club

It is no secret that gambling laws in India are quite tough and has a ban on certain things. There was a lawsuit filed by horse racing titan Mr MAM Ramaswamy which lead to the Supreme Court ruling and Legalising betting on horse racing in India. Today, due to the event than happened in the year 1996, offline horse race betting can safely be practices which include Madras Race Clubs.


Betting on Madras Race Club Races Online

India does not openly condone online betting on horses races but is not outright banning them as well. There are many Indian Betting enthusiasts who are using reputable online platforms to take advantages of the players in India. Not all online platform accepts deposits in Indian Curry, but conversion is the only hassle one has to face today. It is always better to see that the sites accept the currency. There are many sports events that you can be on. Especially for beginners and new visitors, they offer some of the most exciting chance at winning promotional offers, bonuses and cash backs.

Horse racing in India began in the late 19th century and has expanded throughout the country in the next two centuries. Today the Turf Authorities of India manage events on eight popular racecourses. The racetracks mentioned below are the best in India which host majors such as the Indian Turf Invitation Cup, the Sprinter’s Cup, and the Super Mile Cup. All of these events rotate between these racecourses from year to year.

The Ooty Race Course

Located in Ooty, the Ooty Race Course is operated by the Madras Race Club. This racecourse is known to host events from April to June. Since Ooty is a hill station, the horses need to be extra prepared to race at such high altitudes. The racetrack lengths 2400 metres inside an area of 55 acres of land. The Madras race clubs often host national events in the Ooty racecourse from time to time during the summer.

The Bangalore Race Course

The Bangalore racecourse was founded in 1920 and is operated by the Bangalore Turf Club Ltd. Horse racing has been a part of Bangalore’s history since the time when Kempe Gowda founded Bangalore. Due to the period of war and availability of good racing events, the Bangalore racecourse had a hard time becoming popular. The feature track is 1950m long with 4 curves and a little bit of elevation on one side. It has a seating capacity of 1,500 viewers but can accommodate more is necessary.

The Mysore Race Course

Mysore is only a couple of hundred kilometres away from Bangalore and has its own racetrack. It is also the most beautiful racecourse in India only to be followed by the Ooty racecourse. This racecourse hosts races from August to October which can be enjoyed from the Chamundi hills if not from inside the racecourse. This oval track has a length of 2000m with the straights of 500m.

The Mahalaxmi Race Course

The Mahalaxmi Racecourse is located in Mumbai and is operated by Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. This racecourse conducts the biggest races of the year most of the time, and the events take place from November to April. It was built in 1883 on a barren land of 225 acres. The racetrack is of 2400, and the grandstand has the seating capacity of 5.500 people which provides the view for the entire racetrack.

The Madras Race Course

The Madras racecourse is one of the oldest racecourses of India. It was built in 1777 in Guindy which is why it is also called the Guindy Race Course. The races in this course take place from November to March. It is owned by the Madras Race Club, that has a history of some of the biggest events of horse races. One of the most famous races that have been conducted here is the Classic Indian Turf Invitation Cup. It also has a history of the presence of many historical figures, including the first president of India.

IPL season and Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus pandemic has affected every facet of life this year, and IPL is no exception. Originally rescheduled for April 15th 2020, but due to the virus the league was again put on hold. Bangalore Mirror reports that the coming season has been postponed indefinitely due to the Pandemic. In a statement from May 17th the BCCI simply states that they will comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and no new start date for the season has been announced yet.

The Indian Premier League 2020

IPL 2020 will have eight teams competing against each other to win the title of IPL champions. Last year there was a tough competition both on the ground as well as on these betting sites. There are many predictions already about the team which can take the trophy home with their skills, but not all of them are compatible. If you want to bet on your luck and your team, one of the most important thing one looks into is the best sports betting sites. This year we have made it easier for you to bet on your favourite team by making sure that you have the right site by your side.


10CRIC is a premium IPL bookmaker which has some of the huge and attractive promotions. There are many free spins that you can win, which will get you an exclusive bonus and also some of the most tempting cash back offers. The 10CRIC offers are very good and always offer up to 1000 rupees give away even for a big cricket tournament like the IPL.


Asiabet is one of the most sought after sports betting site which offers a betting option on football, basketball, hockey, racing, boxing and of course cricket. Especially with IPL around the corner, they offer some of the most tempting bets and bonuses. They have amazing tips always popping up, which has allowed us to have some of the best winning strategies for the win. They also have some of the highest payouts when it comes to casino games as well.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas for IPL is a match made in heaven, which is one of the best when it comes to an understanding of the right bet and the match. They have a mobile app that has allowed one to have some of the best bets. They have a mobile app which is a pleasure to use as it offers you a platform where you can enjoy your transactions as they have a great selection of bets. They also offer some of the wide arrays of the casinos and live casino games which are always available to play. No matter the game of your choice Leo Vegas has got you covered.


Betway is among the most experienced site when it comes to operating betting markets in India. They have some of the most frequent bets which allows you to bet on the right team. They also cover some of the widest range of betting markets they ensure that you are having the right choice, which is also up for grabs always. They are not just available to you in the IPL season but are available all year round.

The walks by the lawns of the royal castles and wars aren’t the only perfect placements for horses. In the average India minds, horses are more often seen on the green hills to form beautiful landscapes. There is a money-minting side to horses that dash over the tracks to hit the finish line. Horse racing in India is the least surprising gambling facet, which has been at the forefront of the country’s changing gambling perceptions.

The only sport that is legally allowed to be gambled on is horse racing, in which, only the Indian-bred horses are allowed to run. But over the years, the sport has grown to become popular enough to witness an inflow of money with the shuttle stallions and imported breeds entering the game. Bookmakers are the highly accessed groups to wager on the races. The ones who plan to bet on the race should make sure that the bookmakers are licensed since several unlicensed groups are operating on the races.


Horse Racing Bets

When you have plans to wager on a horse in a race, you can visit the nearest bookmakers or also approach the pari-mutuel system. In India, the betting works prominently in horse racing, and these are the two mediums through which you can access the wagering system. Online betting is also available now, which many people consider as the last resort since the authenticity of the sites is always under the light of scepticism. Here are the types of bets that are available in Indian horse racing.

  • Win: You bet on a horse of your choice to hit the finish line first.
  • Place: In this, you have to bet on a horse to run into any of the top three positions. When only seven or fewer horses are making the run, you must bet on a horse for the top two places.
  • Accumulator Win: The experienced bettors mostly pick this bet. Just as the name suggests, the money wagered on a horse will multiply according to the bet conditions and the winnings will accumulate to play in the next phase of the race.
  • Forecast: You bet on two horses with forecast to land on the top two positions.
  • Quinella: In a quinella, you can go for two horses, but need not necessarily bet for the top two places.
  • Second Horse: As simple as the name goes, you bet on a horse to run right into the second place.
  • Tanala: The biggest bet of all, Tanala is the one where you need to predict all the top 3 places, and you win a jackpot when it hits right. If the second and third places come out reversed, you will win a consolation.

Horse Race Schedules in March 2020


  • March 1- Mysore
  • March 4-Kolkata
  • March 5-Mumbai
  • March 6-Bangalore
  • March 7-Kolkata
  • March 8-Mumbai, Chennai
  • March 12- Mumbai
  • March 13-Bangalore, Chennai
  • March 14- Kolkata, Bangalore
  • March 15-Chennai, Mumbai

Gambling, since the advent of its concept, has had various versions running all over the globe. Elegance to the art was never an aspect that the Indians were concerned about; minting money to get pockets overflowing with luck was all about the term ‘gambling’ that appealed to the public. In time, the perception did change, and the worldwide fad for gambling in casinos took over the Indian minds too. But even today, the idea of it being a form of splurge hasn’t completely taken a break.

Although casinos aren’t legal all around the country, there are enough spots that are worth visiting in the Vegas of India-Goa. Besides the entertainment that the games provide, you get to sink your teeth into some great and delectable food. If you are an avid gambler or an aspiring one, here is a list of the best casinos in India where you can kickstart your gambling journey.

1.     Deltin Casino

One of the most popular casinos in India, the Deltin Casino, has a chain of centres running in the country, which is controlled by Delta Corp. Goa houses the primary casino of the chain on a yacht that stays moored on the Mandovi river in Panaji. Deltin Palms, Deltin Jaqk, Deltin Suites, and Deltin Caravela are the other casinos run by Delta Corp. Vegas restaurants, sky bar, and a whiskey lounge are the amenities that the Deltin Royale casino boasts of, making the Deltin Corp the biggest casino group in India.

2.     Casino Pride

Panaji is the house to two offshore casinos of the Casino Pride group,  each of which can accommodate more than 500 guests. Teen Patti, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Roulette, are the most famous games that the casino offers. Casino Pride is one of the most trusted casino chains in the country.

3.     Casino Carnival

Vibrancy takes its highest form here as a casino structure to entertain the gambling enthusiasts and get the accounts jingling with money. River Mandovi is the perfect setting for casinos, flowing along the embankment with luxury floating in diverse colors and brands. The Casino Carnival is a four-deck yacht which is also situated on the river with the structure moored to the glorious Mandovi. Local performances, games, and food are the most attractive features of this casino that make it immersed in popularity. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines are the major casino games in Casino Carnival.

4.     Strike Casino

Delectable meals and splendid gambling go hand-in-hand in the Strike Casino to have the term paradise tagged to it. Grandeur stands out in the casino, both on the exterior and the interior. Games like Indian Flush, Andar Bahar, Casino Wars, and Baccarat are the most popular games that are hosted in Strike. Cilantro and Talli Tequila are the two restaurants within the casino that adds more flavor to the gamble.   Live performances from international artists and local musicians combined with the food and games make for quintessential entertainment.

The legality of the gambling industry in India has always been within the prominent sphere of discussions. Situations in the country keep changing with the rules taking an entirely different route as time passes. Betting or wagering over sports and other activities is prohibited in India. Contradictory to that, several states in the country have legalized the practice of gambling. This implies that the rules differ from one state to another and that a set of regulations imposed in a particular state wouldn’t be applicable in other states. Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh are some of the states that have adopted the Public Gambling Act that was passed in 1867. Other states took the liberty to devise their own set of rules to regulate the gambling in their land.

Over the years, gambling has grown in popularity to multiply the number of fans by more than twice the patrons that existed a year back. Despite the rising desire to gamble and the industry’s scope to flourish, India has prohibited gambling in most of the states. Outdated concepts run the legality of betting, and this has led to the incessant ban over gambling.

Current State of Gambling

Lotteries have been the most widely accepted form of gambling that in many states have been banned. State lotteries weren’t the only ones that were legislated and brought under the control of the government. Gambling in the present day stands legal only in Daman, Goa, and Sikkim. Several lottery issues that took place in Kerala and other states led to the serious repudiation of the idea even by the youngsters who are more likely to incline to such activities. But most of the legislations related to the lotteries were enacted years back when online gaming and betting was just a far-fetched dream. For the same reasons, the ban over online gambling did not come as a surprise to the public.

Even the cultural and historical references cement the fact that gambling in India was a popular activity, but not in the exact grandiose format that it is now. In many of the cases reported as an offence, the judgment discarded the concept of gambling attached to the games. Rummy is one such game that has achieved popularity over the years, and all the people who love gambling and prefer to remain within the safe zone go for these games to try their luck. The reason behind this judgment was that the games that entail skills to win are not considered gambling.

The above cases didn’t conclude on the legality of gambling by approving rummy’s existence. Even rummy has not yet been legalized all over India, making the laws unacceptable to many. The online gaming sector has not been imposed upon by any specific legislation to make it illegal. But cyber laws, exchange control regulations, anti-money laundering laws, and tax laws apply to these platforms.

Over the past decade, IPL has become the most popular T20 tournament in the world. Since more than half of the world’s cricket fans owe to India, there is no surprise in the number generated by the Indian Premier League. With less than one month left for the new season of IPL to hit the screens, die-hard fans are impatiently waiting for the arrival of their favorite month of the year.

2020 being a leap year, all the viewers are only brooding over the fact that they need to wait an extra day for their men in blue and yellow to set foot on the fields. Intimate participation with every game is now being provided to the fans irrespective of the place they are present. Predictions of the game’s outcome start taking form as soon as the game is announced. Just when the schedule is published, and fans are waiting to delve into the league for details, predictions weave its path to betting and enormous amounts.

Status of Teams and Predictions for the Year

The auction that took place in December 2019 was a hope inducer for most of the fans. Teams were bidding on famous players to strengthen their eleven, most of which added new faces into the existing lineup. As the IPL 2020 is approaching with excitement rising within, several predictions are going viral with many betting sites capitalizing on the information.

Kings XI Punjab had one of their most valuable players Ravi Aswin transferred to the Delhi Capitals in November 2019. Jagadeesha Suchith and Ankit Rajpoot have also been bought at a considerably good rate, leaving KXIP in ruins. IPL 2020 seems to have a strong lineup of teams except for the Kings in red. As some of their most reliable players have been transferred, the Punjab team stands the weakest. They often land up at the bottom of the table in most seasons, and the recent transfers have only added to their predicament.

With Mumbai and Chennai having the strongest lineup this year, the cup is most likely to go to the heart of India or down south. Betting over these teams to earn some huge money is not the easiest task in the IPL season. To do it successfully, you need to develop skills to predict the winners of every match.

Understand the Game

  • You need to keep track of the lineup of players that are set for each match. All overseas players are not allowed into the leading eleven in every match, giving them more scope to excel in the following games.
  • Check out for the all-rounders for their track record and see if they are in good form.
  • There is no better way than looking for the team transfers to get an idea on who is more likely to win.
  • Look for the teams who play well through the Powerplay overs in their initial matches, and make a list of the teams that you find to be the be best.
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