Gambling, since the advent of its concept, has had various versions running all over the globe. Elegance to the art was never an aspect that the Indians were concerned about; minting money to get pockets overflowing with luck was all about the term ‘gambling’ that appealed to the public. In time, the perception did change, and the worldwide fad for gambling in casinos took over the Indian minds too. But even today, the idea of it being a form of splurge hasn’t completely taken a break.

Although casinos aren’t legal all around the country, there are enough spots that are worth visiting in the Vegas of India-Goa. Besides the entertainment that the games provide, you get to sink your teeth into some great and delectable food. If you are an avid gambler or an aspiring one, here is a list of the best casinos in India where you can kickstart your gambling journey.

1.     Deltin Casino

One of the most popular casinos in India, the Deltin Casino, has a chain of centres running in the country, which is controlled by Delta Corp. Goa houses the primary casino of the chain on a yacht that stays moored on the Mandovi river in Panaji. Deltin Palms, Deltin Jaqk, Deltin Suites, and Deltin Caravela are the other casinos run by Delta Corp. Vegas restaurants, sky bar, and a whiskey lounge are the amenities that the Deltin Royale casino boasts of, making the Deltin Corp the biggest casino group in India.

2.     Casino Pride

Panaji is the house to two offshore casinos of the Casino Pride group,  each of which can accommodate more than 500 guests. Teen Patti, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em Poker, and Roulette, are the most famous games that the casino offers. Casino Pride is one of the most trusted casino chains in the country.

3.     Casino Carnival

Vibrancy takes its highest form here as a casino structure to entertain the gambling enthusiasts and get the accounts jingling with money. River Mandovi is the perfect setting for casinos, flowing along the embankment with luxury floating in diverse colors and brands. The Casino Carnival is a four-deck yacht which is also situated on the river with the structure moored to the glorious Mandovi. Local performances, games, and food are the most attractive features of this casino that make it immersed in popularity. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines are the major casino games in Casino Carnival.

4.     Strike Casino

Delectable meals and splendid gambling go hand-in-hand in the Strike Casino to have the term paradise tagged to it. Grandeur stands out in the casino, both on the exterior and the interior. Games like Indian Flush, Andar Bahar, Casino Wars, and Baccarat are the most popular games that are hosted in Strike. Cilantro and Talli Tequila are the two restaurants within the casino that adds more flavor to the gamble.   Live performances from international artists and local musicians combined with the food and games make for quintessential entertainment.

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