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IPL season and Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus pandemic has affected every facet of life this year, and IPL is no exception. Originally rescheduled for April 15th 2020, but due to the virus the league was again put on hold. Bangalore Mirror reports that the coming season has been postponed indefinitely due to the Pandemic. In a statement from May 17th the BCCI simply states that they will comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and no new start date for the season has been announced yet.

The Indian Premier League 2020

IPL 2020 will have eight teams competing against each other to win the title of IPL champions. Last year there was a tough competition both on the ground as well as on these betting sites. There are many predictions already about the team which can take the trophy home with their skills, but not all of them are compatible. If you want to bet on your luck and your team, one of the most important thing one looks into is the best sports betting sites. This year we have made it easier for you to bet on your favourite team by making sure that you have the right site by your side.


10CRIC is a premium IPL bookmaker which has some of the huge and attractive promotions. There are many free spins that you can win, which will get you an exclusive bonus and also some of the most tempting cash back offers. The 10CRIC offers are very good and always offer up to 1000 rupees give away even for a big cricket tournament like the IPL.


Asiabet is one of the most sought after sports betting site which offers a betting option on football, basketball, hockey, racing, boxing and of course cricket. Especially with IPL around the corner, they offer some of the most tempting bets and bonuses. They have amazing tips always popping up, which has allowed us to have some of the best winning strategies for the win. They also have some of the highest payouts when it comes to casino games as well.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas for IPL is a match made in heaven, which is one of the best when it comes to an understanding of the right bet and the match. They have a mobile app that has allowed one to have some of the best bets. They have a mobile app which is a pleasure to use as it offers you a platform where you can enjoy your transactions as they have a great selection of bets. They also offer some of the wide arrays of the casinos and live casino games which are always available to play. No matter the game of your choice Leo Vegas has got you covered.


Betway is among the most experienced site when it comes to operating betting markets in India. They have some of the most frequent bets which allows you to bet on the right team. They also cover some of the widest range of betting markets they ensure that you are having the right choice, which is also up for grabs always. They are not just available to you in the IPL season but are available all year round.

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the major Twenty20 cricket league in India. Its held every year in May and attracts billions of cricket fans.  The league features domestic cricket players from Indian as well as international cricket players. Established in 2008 by BCCI, IPL has emerged one of the best cricket tournaments in the world. Its conduct in the months of Mar-Apr-may where eight teams representing various cities of India compete with each other to win the finals. It’s the first sporting event that broadcasted its matches live on YouTube in 2010.

In the beginning, there was the ICL

IPL traces its strands back to the formation of the Indian Cricket League in 2007. Initially, ICL was considered a rebel element in the cricketing world by BCCI. Neither BCCI nor ICC recognized the league. BCCI became worried about the players joining the ICL, so it increased its prize money in the tournaments and also went a step ahead to impose a lifetime ban on the players joining ICL. Sponsored by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, ICL made a decent debut in the sporting world. Wide enough to come in the eyes of BCCI.

IPL history IG has created a great overview of the IPLs history . Asiabet is a trusted source to find  the best bookies where you can place your bets on the league.


BCCI launched IPL on 13 Sep 2007. BCCI’s Vice president Lalit Modi spelled out the format of the tournament including the prize money and its whole structure. IPL may have seemed a knee-jerk reaction to ICL but according to Modi they had been working on the league for more than two years. The IPL was to be governed by the seven-man governing council. These included former Indian Players and BCCI officials.


When the league was formed, it had to go through regulations and ownerships. In order to decide the new owner, auctions were held and the winners declared. The competing cities were also decided I.e Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mohali, and Mumbai. The franchises were sold for $723.59 million. This marked the birth of IPL in a new form.

Many of the teams were added and various withdraw due to inabilities and differences with the BCCI. Pune Warriors India and Kochi Tuskers Kerala joined the game in 2010 but the latter was terminated due to breach and violation of the BCCI policies in 2011. 2009 Champions Deccan Chargers were terminated in Sept 2012 because they couldn’t find new owners. Deccan was replaced by Sunrisers Hyderabad. Pune warriors withdrew over the financial differences and Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were suspended for two seasons for match-fixing.

Indian Rupee:

Until 2014, the contracts were denominated in U.S dollars but it changed to Indian Rupee in 2014. The term is of one year but can be extended further. The IPL salary is the second-highest in the world (US$4.33 million). The 2019 prize money of IPL was US$7.0 million). Half of the prize money is to be distributed among the players.


IPL is the most popular sports league in the world. The enthusiasm that it produces in India is the same that nurtures all around the world. BCCI is one of the richest Cricket Boards in the world and it regulates the IPL. The cricket league not just produces world-class cricket but prepares and provides new players to international cricket.

Horse racing in India goes back to the 19th century when some of the first horse races took place in the Madras racecourse. It was not too late until betting on the horse races was introduced, and people found a new entertainment. Today there are eight major racecourses which offer different kinds of betting of horse races. These racecourses include Bangalore Turf Club, Mysore Race Club, Madras Race Club, Royal Calcutta Turb Club, Royal Western India Turf Club, and Delhi Race Club. These are some of the best tracks in India for betting on horse racing.

The betting system in India works mainly on the tote(totalisator) system. According to tote, the bets are totalled for the given race or combined races, and the wins are divided among the winners. The tote system today is computerized and offers odds as a variable. The tote machine moves the odds up and down depending on how many people bet and the value of each bet. The machines close wagering before the race starts. At all times, one can the tote machine will show the current odds of the race. Every club that allows horse betting has automated tote booths set up all around their racecourse. One can also wager by going to a manned tote window or by buying a cash voucher from a Tote Service Outlet. There is also a trackside roving operator who carries a handheld tote computer. Some of the clubs also have off-course centres which televise the races and offer viewers to place bets there. All the bets made from all these sources are combined in the same pool.

The other type of betting is hosted by bookmakers who offer fixed odds on the bets. This allows the bettor to win fixed price on a bet irrespective of the subsequent rising or falling odds. That means that betting on a horse which offers the odds of 5 for 1 will always offer the same odd no matter how many bets are placed on it.

Both types of betting have their own benefits and drawbacks. While the tote system can reduce the odds of bets from 5/1 to 2/1 depending upon the number of bets, it can also increase the odds to 7/1 or 8/1. The bookmakers offer a fixed odd, but the bettor also cannot expect a better odd.

According to the Indian horse betting payout rules, if a horse gets disqualified before the race or withdraws from the race after the bets are made, it will affect the odds of the bets greatly, and the people who bet on the disqualified horse will have to visit the manual tote attendant to either switch their bets or take back their money.

Today the horse betting in India is available live as well as on the internet. There are many websites which offer horse race betting. Even though the clubs do not entertain the idea of online betting websites, they are helpless as the bettors have total freedom of choosing their own betting options. There are no hard and fast laws for bettors to not use online betting websites which offers them a broader betting opportunity.

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