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IPL season and Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus pandemic has affected every facet of life this year, and IPL is no exception. Originally rescheduled for April 15th 2020, but due to the virus the league was again put on hold. Bangalore Mirror reports that the coming season has been postponed indefinitely due to the Pandemic. In a statement from May 17th the BCCI simply states that they will comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and no new start date for the season has been announced yet.

The Indian Premier League 2020

IPL 2020 will have eight teams competing against each other to win the title of IPL champions. Last year there was a tough competition both on the ground as well as on these betting sites. There are many predictions already about the team which can take the trophy home with their skills, but not all of them are compatible. If you want to bet on your luck and your team, one of the most important thing one looks into is the best sports betting sites. This year we have made it easier for you to bet on your favourite team by making sure that you have the right site by your side.


10CRIC is a premium IPL bookmaker which has some of the huge and attractive promotions. There are many free spins that you can win, which will get you an exclusive bonus and also some of the most tempting cash back offers. The 10CRIC offers are very good and always offer up to 1000 rupees give away even for a big cricket tournament like the IPL.


Asiabet is one of the most sought after sports betting site which offers a betting option on football, basketball, hockey, racing, boxing and of course cricket. Especially with IPL around the corner, they offer some of the most tempting bets and bonuses. They have amazing tips always popping up, which has allowed us to have some of the best winning strategies for the win. They also have some of the highest payouts when it comes to casino games as well.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas for IPL is a match made in heaven, which is one of the best when it comes to an understanding of the right bet and the match. They have a mobile app that has allowed one to have some of the best bets. They have a mobile app which is a pleasure to use as it offers you a platform where you can enjoy your transactions as they have a great selection of bets. They also offer some of the wide arrays of the casinos and live casino games which are always available to play. No matter the game of your choice Leo Vegas has got you covered.


Betway is among the most experienced site when it comes to operating betting markets in India. They have some of the most frequent bets which allows you to bet on the right team. They also cover some of the widest range of betting markets they ensure that you are having the right choice, which is also up for grabs always. They are not just available to you in the IPL season but are available all year round.

Over the past decade, IPL has become the most popular T20 tournament in the world. Since more than half of the world’s cricket fans owe to India, there is no surprise in the number generated by the Indian Premier League. With less than one month left for the new season of IPL to hit the screens, die-hard fans are impatiently waiting for the arrival of their favorite month of the year.

2020 being a leap year, all the viewers are only brooding over the fact that they need to wait an extra day for their men in blue and yellow to set foot on the fields. Intimate participation with every game is now being provided to the fans irrespective of the place they are present. Predictions of the game’s outcome start taking form as soon as the game is announced. Just when the schedule is published, and fans are waiting to delve into the league for details, predictions weave its path to betting and enormous amounts.

Status of Teams and Predictions for the Year

The auction that took place in December 2019 was a hope inducer for most of the fans. Teams were bidding on famous players to strengthen their eleven, most of which added new faces into the existing lineup. As the IPL 2020 is approaching with excitement rising within, several predictions are going viral with many betting sites capitalizing on the information.

Kings XI Punjab had one of their most valuable players Ravi Aswin transferred to the Delhi Capitals in November 2019. Jagadeesha Suchith and Ankit Rajpoot have also been bought at a considerably good rate, leaving KXIP in ruins. IPL 2020 seems to have a strong lineup of teams except for the Kings in red. As some of their most reliable players have been transferred, the Punjab team stands the weakest. They often land up at the bottom of the table in most seasons, and the recent transfers have only added to their predicament.

With Mumbai and Chennai having the strongest lineup this year, the cup is most likely to go to the heart of India or down south. Betting over these teams to earn some huge money is not the easiest task in the IPL season. To do it successfully, you need to develop skills to predict the winners of every match.

Understand the Game

  • You need to keep track of the lineup of players that are set for each match. All overseas players are not allowed into the leading eleven in every match, giving them more scope to excel in the following games.
  • Check out for the all-rounders for their track record and see if they are in good form.
  • There is no better way than looking for the team transfers to get an idea on who is more likely to win.
  • Look for the teams who play well through the Powerplay overs in their initial matches, and make a list of the teams that you find to be the be best.
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