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The gaming industry in India is set to reach new height with modern technology taking the industry by storm. Today, the number of game development companies in India is said to be 275. We are about to see a rise in the years to come. In the early 90s, India was exposed to a lot of gaming, especially the gaming consoles, which became a craze back then. Later installing games on desktop allowed for one to go for Xboxes and other Playstation games. The country has witnessed a change in recent years where smartphones have become the trend, and it is said that up to 60% of the country’s population has access to smartphones. The numbers are still increasing, and with Indian having the largest Youth Population and the second largest internet population, it is one of the leading markets in the gaming sectors.

The current state of the gaming industry

With the introduction of a lot of games like Clash of clans PUBG, etc., the young crowd has started to extract hours into the interface. These in-app purchases are finally gaining a lot of financial viability, and with India’s mobile games market, you will be worth $1.1 billion by 2020. Big companies like Alibaba and AGTech have started to see profits in their investment. There has been a rise in the surge of action based games. Casual games have also taken the boom, but the strategy based games is slow at its growth.

The Future of the Gaming Industry

With the help of cloud gaming, one can enjoy the massive market and opportunity the place has to provide. There are many giants like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, who are already reaching their hand out to share the business. They are offering some of the best offers when it comes to building snd catching the right games which can fancy an Indian Youth. Gaming still is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the money, especially for Google. With the need to improvement rises the competition between the gaming companies is going to toughen and Artificial Intelligence being the future, the gaming company will also be affected. With a constant need for upgrades and bring in a better gaming experience, one of the main aid that they provide is high-quality games which can be found in the lower budget.


In Conclusion

There is still a struggle that one can see when it comes to an understanding the right elements of the in-app purchases and it is crucial for the companies to ensure that they bring out their products while making sure that Indian audience accepts it. With this steady growth and acceptance from the audience, the future of gaming in India seems to thrive.

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