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Horse races and bettings have together been a part of the world history for centuries, and even today it is enjoyed by many sports bettors who like the thrill of watching their favourite ponies sprint towards victory. If you haven’t experienced the joy of horse racing yet and want to try out betting too, then knowing these strategies and types of bets will help you begin your horse betting career.

Types of horse racing bets

Most of the people are unaware of all the horse racing bets which limit their chances of winning. Others do not take part in the betting due to the same reason. Knowing these types of bets in horse racing will give you an advantage over others who will have a hard time making a decision on strange betting names.

Win, Place, Show

The simplest bet in horse racing is the Win, Place, Show which means that you bet on a horse and choose a position for it and if the horse comes in the correct position, you win the bet. If you pick a horse to come first, your horse needs to win the race to make you win the bet. The place bet is when your horse finishes first or second in the race. You will bet on a horse, and if he comes first or second, you win the bet. The show bet is won when you pick a horse, and he comes in one of the top three slots.


Exotic Betting

Exotic bets allow you to place bets on more than one outcome at a time. You can bet on multiple horses and outcomes in the same race. There are many exotic bets available which have different conditions that must be met in order to win a bet. You must satisfy all the conditions of your exotic bet to win your bet. Here are the common types of exotic bets that are available.


It is a wager on two horses in the same race to finish first or second. Both the horses should finish in the top two irrespective of who finished first.


Exacta is similar to Quinella, only in this case the position of the horses is also considered. You will have to bet on which horse will come first and which one will come second. They will have to come in the exact position for you to win the bet.


Trifecta is like Exacta, but you get to pick the entire top three. The horses need to finish is the exact order that you pick while they take the top three spots.


Superfecta is betting for the first four spots while choosing a place for every horse. The horses that you pick have to come in the top four spots in the exact order that you picked.

Daily Double

Daily double allows you to bet on two consecutive races which is usually offered in the first two or the last two races. Some parks offer to roll daily doubles on all the races throughout the day.

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