Horse racing 2020


The walks by the lawns of the royal castles and wars aren’t the only perfect placements for horses. In the average India minds, horses are more often seen on the green hills to form beautiful landscapes. There is a money-minting side to horses that dash over the tracks to hit the finish line. Horse racing in India is the least surprising gambling facet, which has been at the forefront of the country’s changing gambling perceptions.

The only sport that is legally allowed to be gambled on is horse racing, in which, only the Indian-bred horses are allowed to run. But over the years, the sport has grown to become popular enough to witness an inflow of money with the shuttle stallions and imported breeds entering the game. Bookmakers are the highly accessed groups to wager on the races. The ones who plan to bet on the race should make sure that the bookmakers are licensed since several unlicensed groups are operating on the races.


Horse Racing Bets

When you have plans to wager on a horse in a race, you can visit the nearest bookmakers or also approach the pari-mutuel system. In India, the betting works prominently in horse racing, and these are the two mediums through which you can access the wagering system. Online betting is also available now, which many people consider as the last resort since the authenticity of the sites is always under the light of scepticism. Here are the types of bets that are available in Indian horse racing.

  • Win: You bet on a horse of your choice to hit the finish line first.
  • Place: In this, you have to bet on a horse to run into any of the top three positions. When only seven or fewer horses are making the run, you must bet on a horse for the top two places.
  • Accumulator Win: The experienced bettors mostly pick this bet. Just as the name suggests, the money wagered on a horse will multiply according to the bet conditions and the winnings will accumulate to play in the next phase of the race.
  • Forecast: You bet on two horses with forecast to land on the top two positions.
  • Quinella: In a quinella, you can go for two horses, but need not necessarily bet for the top two places.
  • Second Horse: As simple as the name goes, you bet on a horse to run right into the second place.
  • Tanala: The biggest bet of all, Tanala is the one where you need to predict all the top 3 places, and you win a jackpot when it hits right. If the second and third places come out reversed, you will win a consolation.

Horse Race Schedules in March 2020


  • March 1- Mysore
  • March 4-Kolkata
  • March 5-Mumbai
  • March 6-Bangalore
  • March 7-Kolkata
  • March 8-Mumbai, Chennai
  • March 12- Mumbai
  • March 13-Bangalore, Chennai
  • March 14- Kolkata, Bangalore
  • March 15-Chennai, Mumbai
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