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The Madras Race Club holds the title of being the birthplace of horse racing in India. Located in the South Indian Metropolis of the Chennai can be dated back to the 1770s. The Race Course is located in the Guindy area of Chennai City, which is close to a small national park. The Racecourse connected the Madras Race Club to the rest of the city. The Madras Race Club is one of the most well-equipped turf clubs. It has some of the most exclusive facilities which is available for its 1000 strong members. This also includes Guindy Club House, a gymnasium, health club, card room, venues for racquet sports and pool rooms. There are many swimming pools, bund schools, walkers and lunging rings. There is a magnificent grandstand which offers some of the most excellent views of the race tracks. The Traditional Racecourse in the Guindy area of Chennai City operates a second racecourse in the hill station of Ooty. It was nested high in the Nilgiri Hills of the Western ghats more than 500kms from Chennai. Madras Club Races are conducted in summer and can have a very cooling and soothing climate.

The details

The track surface at the Guindy has a green turf and also a sand turf. They are primarily used to make sure that there is a space to train and work their horses. The tracks are around 2355 m long and covers and areas which is 30-35 meters in width. The Ooty race track is much more smaller, which is only one mile smaller and 10-18m in width.

The legality of Betting at the Madras Race Club

It is no secret that gambling laws in India are quite tough and has a ban on certain things. There was a lawsuit filed by horse racing titan Mr MAM Ramaswamy which lead to the Supreme Court ruling and Legalising betting on horse racing in India. Today, due to the event than happened in the year 1996, offline horse race betting can safely be practices which include Madras Race Clubs.


Betting on Madras Race Club Races Online

India does not openly condone online betting on horses races but is not outright banning them as well. There are many Indian Betting enthusiasts who are using reputable online platforms to take advantages of the players in India. Not all online platform accepts deposits in Indian Curry, but conversion is the only hassle one has to face today. It is always better to see that the sites accept the currency. There are many sports events that you can be on. Especially for beginners and new visitors, they offer some of the most exciting chance at winning promotional offers, bonuses and cash backs.

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