Race Clubs


Horse racing in India began in the late 19th century and has expanded throughout the country in the next two centuries. Today the Turf Authorities of India manage events on eight popular racecourses. The racetracks mentioned below are the best in India which host majors such as the Indian Turf Invitation Cup, the Sprinter’s Cup, and the Super Mile Cup. All of these events rotate between these racecourses from year to year.

The Ooty Race Course

Located in Ooty, the Ooty Race Course is operated by the Madras Race Club. This racecourse is known to host events from April to June. Since Ooty is a hill station, the horses need to be extra prepared to race at such high altitudes. The racetrack lengths 2400 metres inside an area of 55 acres of land. The Madras race clubs often host national events in the Ooty racecourse from time to time during the summer.

The Bangalore Race Course

The Bangalore racecourse was founded in 1920 and is operated by the Bangalore Turf Club Ltd. Horse racing has been a part of Bangalore’s history since the time when Kempe Gowda founded Bangalore. Due to the period of war and availability of good racing events, the Bangalore racecourse had a hard time becoming popular. The feature track is 1950m long with 4 curves and a little bit of elevation on one side. It has a seating capacity of 1,500 viewers but can accommodate more is necessary.

The Mysore Race Course

Mysore is only a couple of hundred kilometres away from Bangalore and has its own racetrack. It is also the most beautiful racecourse in India only to be followed by the Ooty racecourse. This racecourse hosts races from August to October which can be enjoyed from the Chamundi hills if not from inside the racecourse. This oval track has a length of 2000m with the straights of 500m.

The Mahalaxmi Race Course

The Mahalaxmi Racecourse is located in Mumbai and is operated by Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. This racecourse conducts the biggest races of the year most of the time, and the events take place from November to April. It was built in 1883 on a barren land of 225 acres. The racetrack is of 2400, and the grandstand has the seating capacity of 5.500 people which provides the view for the entire racetrack.

The Madras Race Course

The Madras racecourse is one of the oldest racecourses of India. It was built in 1777 in Guindy which is why it is also called the Guindy Race Course. The races in this course take place from November to March. It is owned by the Madras Race Club, that has a history of some of the biggest events of horse races. One of the most famous races that have been conducted here is the Classic Indian Turf Invitation Cup. It also has a history of the presence of many historical figures, including the first president of India.

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