Tamil Nadu as all of India has quite strict gambling laws while most of the games being prohibited altogether. One of the significant forms of gambling in Tamil Nadu comes from horse race betting. Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan areas in India, where businessman meet up for their high stake flushes. Horse Race betting has a very famous history in the state as it is one of the oldest racecourses in India.
This racecourse was called the Guindy racecourse matching the location that it was set in. But, later it came to be called Madras Race Course and still keeps the name. The racecourse is one of the best-equipped race clubs in India as one can experience one of the most exclusive features for 1000 or so members. These amenities include things like Guidy Lodge Club House, Health Club, Card Rooms, lounging Areas, etc.

The history of the place is as exciting as the features of the racecourse itself, which is divided into two parts. The first part states that with the introduction of East India Company Settlement, the city of Chennai rose. In the year 1640, the British collecter granted almost 100 acres of the space to all the British Horse Racing Enthusiasts—this paved the way for the officers to conduct the competitive races which gave rise to Guindy Racecourse. Later, 50 more acres were added to the racecourse as a practice grounds for the race.
In the year 1837, the second part of the story takes place after the racecourse officially called the Madras Race Club. After the official formation of the place, due to financial instability was closed after a few decades. Later, a second chance was given with the help of a committee and other people to help support the racecourse. In the 1890’s the Madras Race Course finally started to run but later it was stopped due to WWI. Again it revived by the Governor of Madras in the year 1919.

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