Casinos in India have always been sporadically occurring entities. The industry did at a point hit the top gear to generate fans who travel long distances to have a taste of luxurious luck. Gambling has had a different face over the years of the country’s existence, with local card games to betting on outcomes of dice. Rummy has been the most widely accepted casino game in India, which is not played with as much style and elegance as the games in Las Vegas. Moulding the country’s gambling industry into the shape of Sin City would always remain a far-fetched to almost an impossibly wild dream. Despite the restrictions on gambling all over the country, the industry has grown over the years to float on the offshore regions and many other parts of the country. Chennai houses a significant number of casinos to be the SinCity of South India. Here is a list of the top casino resorts in Chennai.


1.     VGP Golden Beach Resort

Luxury has been defined here in the landscapes of Injambakkam to traverse a whole area in beauty. The sea abuts the resort to adorn the entire setting with wavy delights. Cottages, garden view rooms, and garden verandah rooms are available here, with the prices of each of them increasing as luxury takes a higher step. Huge lanes with greenery surrounding it lead every guest to the casino games where they can try out their luck with games such as Baccarat, blackjack, and Teen Patti. Impeccable service is the highlight that attracts most of the tourists visiting Chennai to book a room here. The lush casino floors with delectable dinner and drinks to side it makes the resort a must-visit for every gambling enthusiast in Chennai.

2.     MGM Eastwoods, Injambakkam

The name of the resort alone can bring hundreds of visitors running to the halls to indulge in their favorite casino game. MGM is a renowned brand name that planted their idea of a casino resort in India in the southern state of the country. Deluxe rooms are available here with two options of either just the accommodation or one with breakfast. The restaurant service, swimming pool, free parking, and the lawn are the major attractions in MGM other than the casino games.

3.     Windflower Resorts

France of South India calls you to try out your luck in the casino games of various origins. Tamil Nadu houses the French strokes of Pondicherry with diverse gambling options in the Windflower Resorts. Apart from the awe-inspiring casino floors within those walls, Windflower is also home to a spa, luxurious rooms, halo pools, and great restaurants. All who wish to play a game of blackjack followed by a delicious dinner and a goodnight sleep can opt for Windflower. You can also practice yoga along with the massages and treatments at the spa. Diversify your casino gaming skills here with a taste of various cuisines and international seafood dishes.

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