Horse betting is one of the most common types of betting in India where you can wager on some of the best races at home. There are many horse betting tracks in India from Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc. They offer some of the huge value for Indian Horse racing bettors. There are many online means through which you can bet and explore. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best tracks to bet on Horse racing in India.

Bangalore Turf Club

Banglore Turf Club is one of the major racing organisations in India. It is situated in the modern metropolis of Banglore, Karnataka. Banglore is an Inland megacity with more than 10 million people located on the Deccan Plateau. The club is generally associated lying in the heart of the town. The Race Course road is also one of the links to the Turk club where the rest of the city connects. Space is one of the most premium with a whole complex and is filled equipped for any race. This place also includes swimming pools, hospitals, training schools and riding schools for amateurs.

Mysore Race Club

Mysore rACE club is found in Mysore which is located on the foothills of Chamundi Range which is also the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore. The ruling family, the Wadiyar, were responsible for establishing the race club. The race club offers some of the most scenic locations which overlook the Chamundi Hills. This is one of the youngest turf clubs in the list and has a major arterial road that runs through the heart of the city which directly connects to the rest of the city. This is one club is located in 152 acres property and is a government property which was held as a part of a long lease. There were many impressive sceneries around with a very unique atmosphere. The place is quite small, but it is an exclusive club with only 250 members.

Madras Race Club

Located in the Metropolitan of Chennai, formerly known as Madras can be dated back to 1770s. Chennai is a major part of art, culture and industry in the Coromandel coast. The Race Course is located in the Guindy Area of Chennai City which connects the Madras Race Club to the rest of the city. Madras Race Club is among the country’s best-equipped turf clubs which exclusive facilitates for more than 1000 members which include things like Guindy Lodge Club House, health clubs, card rooms, etc. There are also swimming pools that one can enjoy. The track of the Guindy is green turf with a separate monsoon track and also sand tracks. They are primarily used for the practice sessions and also working the horses.

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